CleanFix RA1200 Ride On Scrubber

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Ride On Scrubber

CleanFix Swiss Made

New option: RA 800 Scrubber optionally available with CADS Cleanfix Advanced Dosing System. You can save up to 50% chemicals. Available as of mid August.

Our RA sauber shows its power where we ask for manoeuvrability and speed. The sauber drives through doors with a width of 80 cm, has a good turning circle and is 50% faster then a walk behind scrubber. Due to the four wheels, a drive in the back, the machine is comfortable low to get on very stable, very robust.

Technical Data:

Total power 2150 W
Water pillar 110 mbar
Fresh water capacity 135 Liter
Dirty water capacity 130 Liter
Suction width 105 cm
Working width 86 cm
Large area capacity 7200 m²/h
Brush diameter 2 x 43 cm
Turning circle 210 cm
Battery capacity 24 V DC 240 Ah
Measurements l/w/h 172/90/132 cm
Running time approx. 4 h
Weight inc. battery 500 kg
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 500 kg
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