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Ettore Super System Handle

Ettore Super System Handle

Ettore Super Channel

Ettore Super Channels and Rubbers

Ettore Contour Handle

Ettore Contour Pro Squeegee Handle

Ettore Brass Channel

Ettore Brass Channels

Ettore Brass Clip End

Ettore Brass End

Ettore Window Rubber

Ettore Rubbers for Squeegees

Ettore Progrip window Squugee

Ettore Pro Grip Squeegees

Ettore Window Squeegee Combo

Ettore Blue Combo Backflip

Ettore ProGrip Window Washer

Ettore Pro Grip Washer Scrubber

Ettore mighty washer

Ettore Pro-Plus Microfibre Washers

Ettore Window Washer Tbar

Ettore Window Washer Grip T Bar

Ettore Window Washer Sleeve

Ettore Golden Sleeve

Ettore Supersystem t-Bar

Ettore Supersystem T Bar

Ettore Pro Scraper

Ettore Pro Scrapers

Ettore Super Scraper

Ettore Super Scrapers

Ettore Cleaners Bucket

Ettore Bucket Kit

Ettore Window Bucket

Ettore Compact Bucket

Ettore Holster

Ettore Holster Sidekick

Ettore Holster


Ettore Window Cleaning Pole

ETTORE Aquaclean – Waterfed Pole – (INT94000) – without pump (4 Stage EZ Pure System) (INT94001) – no pump 2 Stage EZ Pure System

Ettore Super Brush

Ettore Super Brush

Ettore Cobweb Brush

Ettore Cobweb Brush

Ettore Fan Duster

Ettore Elite Ceiling Fan Duster

Ettore Duster

Ettore Elite Microswipe Duster

Ettore Grip n Grab

Ettore Grip N Grab 91cm

Ettore Extension Pole

ETTORE Blue Extension Poles

Ettore Reach ext Pole

Ettore Reach Pole Ext Pole

Ettore Ext Poles

Ettore Reach Extension Poles

Ettore Extension Poles

ETTORE Reach Gold 4 Section Extension Poles

Ettore Cone

Ettore Cone and Clamp Assembly

TELESCOPIC Extention poles

Ettore Grip

Ettore Replacement Grips

Ettore Pole Tip

Ettore Tapered End Con Pro

Ettore Window Pole Adaptor

ETTORE Universal Angle Adaptor

GMate COVID-19 Ag 5 Minute Saliva Test

Genbody Covid-19 SWAB test

GenBody COVID-19 Ag incl. Omicron Strain SWAB Test


Hydro-E / Kills Virus ! TGA Approved

AQUAGUARD – Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal Hand Wash

Ettore Squeegee Off

Ettore Squeegee Off

Ettore Squeegee Off

Ettore Squeegee Off

Ettore Hound Dog

Ettore Hound Dog Hard Water Stain Remover

Ettore Water Spot Removal

Ettore Water Spot Removal 10oz

electrostatic Sprayer

Protexus Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer (Cordless)

Fogger Battery


Fogger Sprayer


Fogger Sprayer


Commercial Disinfectant

Netbiokem DSAM / Kills Covid-19 in 2Minutes !

HOSPIKLEAN – Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Enviro Hand Sanitiser 5lt Bulk

Sold out Auto No-Touch Dispenser

No-Touch Hand Sanitiser / Foam Soap Auto Sensor Dispenser

Hand Sanitsiser Dispenser Refillable

HAND SANITISER Dispenser (For Pods)

Enviro Hand Sanitiser (600ml Pods)

TOILET SEAT SANITISER Dispenser (Refillable)





Surgical Mask


Sushi tray bamboo – small

LID / Sushi tray – small

Sushi tray bamboo – medium

LID / Sushi tray – Medium

Sushi tray bamboo – Large

LID / Sushi tray – Large

Sushi tray bamboo – Extra Large

Sold out

LID / Sushi tray – Extra Large

Sold out

Tray bamboo 500ml

Tray bamboo 650ml

Lid Bamboo 500 /650ml

Tray bamboo 1200ml

Tray bamboo 1600ml

12oz bowls (360ml)

16oz bowls (500ml)

12/16 oz Bowls Sugarcane Lid

22oz bowls (650ml)

22oz Bowls Sugarcane Lid

40oz bowls / 1200ml

40oz Bowls Sugarcane Lid

5 deep compartment tray

Lid bamboo 1200 /1600ml

Sushi tray bamboo – Long

LID / Sushi tray – Long

Lunch Box with PLA Window – Small

Lunch Box with PLA Window – Medium

SugarCane hamburger clamshell 6″

Bamboo hamburger clamshell 6″

Sold out

Sugarcane Clamshell 9x6x3″

Bamboo Clamshell 9x6x3″

Sold out

SugarCane Clamshell 9.7×6.5×3″ / 2 compartments

Sold out

SugarCane Clamshell 8″ 3 compartments

SugarCane Clamshell 8″

Bamboo Clamshell 8″

Sold out

SugarCane Clamshell 9″ 3 compartments

Sandwich Wedge

Sold out

SugarCane Clamshell 9″

Bamboo Clamshell 9″

Lunch Box with PLA Window – Large

Lunch Box – Small

Lunch Box – Medium

Lunch Box – Large

Lunch Box – Extra Large

Brown kraft coffee pouch 70G