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Enviro Chemicals & Cleaning Supplies is a Major Distributor of  Libbey® Glassware in Australia.

Since 1818 Libbey Foodservice sets the standard in the foodservice industry. The company’s extensive manufacturing, sales and distribution networks are among the largest in the foodservice supply industry and are a source of competitive advantage by providing
comprehensive product offerings and outstanding service to its customers.

Sustainability to Libbey means creating a better quality of life for all people now as well as for generations to come, all while using the planet’s resources at a rate atwhich nature is able to replenish them. Our interpretation of Sustainability means prosperity, fairness, and a healthy environment are all interrelated. Each of these elements can only sustain its existence indefinitely when the others are in balance. We are striving to achieve this balance while maintaining
and improving upon high environmental, financial, and social standards. It is through this focus on people, profit, and the planet (the triple bottom line)that we intend to create value for our communities, employees, suppliers, customers, and investors, both now and in the future.

Libbey® Glassware is the cornerstone of Libbey’s rich history and the core of its business. Libbey revolutionized glassmaking, and today Libbey’s glass customers have come to expect quality, innovative products that are responsive to trends and customer needs. Libbey glassware is unsurpassed in quality, value, design and length of line. Libbey Foodservice also holds a distribution agreement with Luigi Bormioli, a premier manufacturer of fine Italian stemware and barware.

Enviro Chemicals & Cleaning Supplies supply effective products and solutions for
all cleaning needs. We deliver new technology cleaning products that are based on innovative formulations, to better and effectively cater for all of your cleaning needs.

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Traex® complements Libbey’s other Dishwasher product lines and hasbuilt a reputation on quality and innovative warewashing systems, storage solutions, squeeze dispensers and other smallwares – foodservice support products designed to improve efficiency and value. Traex® also produces and distributes a full line of bar supplies, trays, signs, and back-of-the-house food prep products like food storage boxes, cutting boards, and cutlery.

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Food Packaging Australia ( FPA ) was established in March 1989 as a specialized sales, marketing and distribution centre for leading disposable packaging manufacturers. By caring for our customers and applying “Beyond customer service” philosophy of aggressive marketing, excellent service backed by competitive pricing, FPA Australia has become one of the
leaders in the supply and marketing of disposable packaging products in Australia.

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