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What type of products do you manufacture?

Enviro Chemicals manufacture in accordance with quality assurance with dedicated emphasis in the areas of quality assurance, compliance with occupational health and safety directives and environment protection. By dealing with Enviro Chemicals you are dealing directly with the manufacturer.

We have quality, safe products for you ! Enviro Chemicals are made from the highest quality and highly biodegradable materials. We proudly manufacture Citrus based liquid cleaning detergents, specialised chemicals and powders.

We manufacture sanitizers for the food industry to comply with HACCP and OH&S requirements plus help our customers comply with government regulations.

Over the years our well known, branded products (Specially, Enviro Laundry powder & Dishmagic Dishwashing Powder and Multiklean ) have been put to tests at independent Labs by different organizations for their Environmental qualities and they all came in with flying colours every time.

How do you update your products with the latest technology?

Enviro Chemicals is always updating our range with the latest research and innovations from Germany to have the highest of standards aimed at being both user friendly, environmentally friendly, safe and Citrus or plant based. Most chemicals (Detergents) are formulated to be multi-functional, so they are intended to be utilized for multiple cleaning tasks. We do this because with 30 years experience! we understand the needs of cleaners. Our German based partner company has the largest production site of the Division Functional Chemicals (Gendorf) and is certified according to European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme – EMAS (Registration No. DE-S-155-00049). The integrated management system of Div. FUN comprises

  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
  • Safety Management System (ESH-Management – Environment, Safety and Health)

The policies, objectives and programmes of the Division support both the “Charter of Sustainable Development” and the international chemical industry initiative “Responsible Care”. As part of our Product Stewardship, risks for safety, health and the environment in all phases of the product life cycle are evaluated, in order to prevent adverse effects on human health or the environment.

What are the Australian Standards in relation to Biodegradability in detergents?

When it comes to detergents, the Australian Standards AS1792 states that 80% must break down within 21 days.
Enviro Chemicals are formulated and designed in Germany to comply with the O.E.C.D. screening test 301E (1981) which is even more stringent, 90% must breakdown within 21 days.

Because highly biodegradable detergents and raw materials are more costly, the majority of companies are not using them. There is only a recommendation to use them, not a law, and it applies only to the surfactant or (soap part of a detergent) not all the ingredients.

By using the highest grade of materials gives Enviro Chemicals two distinct advantage points. We have a superior quality product, have a safe product that will not harm the environment, safe for you and your loved ones especially if you or some one in your family have sensitive skin.

What does biodegradable mean in relation to detergents?

Putting it simply BIODEGRADABLE means “degraded by natural bacteria”. With cleaning detergents, it means that each ingredient of that product will be divided and converted into more simple and smaller parts which are more environmentally acceptable than when they are one.

This process, Biodegradation is nature’s mechanism for self-preservation. What assists this process is mainly bacteria and enzymes. These bacteria’s are non-dangerous and live all around us in the sea, earth, sewerage treatment plants and as we all know they are put into bio systems and septic tanks.

What can we do for the environment in relation to toilet paper?

Enviro is a major importer & distributor of Paper products, Toilet paper, (Hand towels, napkins etc…) made of BAMBOO. Enviro Chemicals is an environmentally conscious establishment demonstrating a dedicated partnership with our environment.

BAMBOO products do not involve chopping down a single tree that took in excess of 40 years to grow. Bamboo takes 4-6 months to regenerate a renewable source, yet is luxurious and considerate to our delicate home we call Earth.

In United States alone more than 12,000 square miles of forest are cleared to make paper each year. Save our trees and make the switch to Green Soft Toilet Tissue and Hand Towels. You will never know the difference but the environment will.

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